IAI's "Iron Dome" Radar Is A Dependable Protector of Israel's Citizens
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued November 20, 2012)
Multi-Mission Radar "The "Iron Dome" radar, developed and manufactured by ELTA Systems Ltd., an Israel Aerospace Industries' Group and subsidiary, is a dependable protector of Israel's citizens. The radar scans a designated sector around the clock, in all visibility and weather conditions, detecting any threat launched towards Israel.

Outstanding success rates have been achieved so far in intercepting enemy rockets. The radar has unique characteristics compared with other radars throughout the world." So says Avi Leshem, Deputy Manager of IAI/ELTA's Detection & Interception Directorate, in his session at the International Aerospace Conference & Exhibition, which opens this week at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem

Upon initially detecting a threat (whether rocket or mortar round.) the radar estimates the location of the impact area, so as to be able to warn the relevant population in that area in good time, and provide the necessary data to the system to support decision-taking regarding the launching of an interceptor (for example, an interceptor is not launched if the impact area is defined by the system as uninhabited.)

The radar was designed to provide very accurate target location information throughout its trajectory, and so allow the interceptor to be directed accurately towards its target. This has allowed ELTA to develop a relatively low-cost interceptor which "takes command" only in the final phase before actually intercepting the target. The radar is extremely reliable and has high a operational availability.

The "Iron Dome" radar is one of the derivatives of the MMR (Multi-Mission Radar) family of radars, an innovative concept implemented by ELTA, located near Israel's southern border. These radars are capable of performing many missions such as locating and targeting launched threats, and air-defense and interception support, so that diverse missions can be performed by a single radar, as opposed to in the past, when special purpose radars had to be allocated for each mission.

The prominent technological advantages of the radar, which has also proven itself operationally, are leading to considerable interest from the IDF and overseas customers.

"IAI and ELTA employees support the defense authorities and the IDF and working night and day to assure the technological and operational serviceability of the "Iron Dome" system. This is driven by a deep sense of our need to contribute to the defense of the civilian population and our home front.", says Leshem.

In addition to the "Iron Dome" radar, IAI/ELTA also develops radars for Israel's Ministry of Defense multi-layered defense system, which includes the "Arrow" and "David's Sling". In addition, IAI/ELTA produces unique advanced radar which is a central element in the Trophy active-protection system for battle tanks.

IAI/ELTA is considered Israel's national radar house and its products are in the front line of radars developed by the world's leading aerospace companies.


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