Nordic Cooperation In The Air
(Source: Nordic Defence Cooperation; issued Nov. 22, 2012)
The Nordic ministers of defense have signed a memorandum promoting future cooperation on air transport.

A Danish C130 Hercules delivers Norwegian troops to Maymana in northern Afghanistan and a Norwegian C130 delivers the Christmas mail to Danish personnel in northern Greenland. That could be the result of the Nordic cooperation NORDEFCO.

Danish minister of defense Nick Hækkerup and his Nordic colleagues signed the agreement in the beginning of November making the extended cooperation possible.

It is all about smart defense. How can the Nordic countries make the most of their military resources? On November 16 2011 a Norwegian led group was formed to assess possible areas of cooperation. This led to the rapport "Closer Nordic Corporation on Tactical Air Transport - A possibility study" which was presented recently.

The rapport contains 27 specific points to be considered. Danish LTCOL Karsten Fledelius Jensen was Danish representative and sees a lot of potential in the project.

•This opens possibilities to use our air transport resources better. Cooperation will make it possible to use the nearest plane no matter if its Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, says LTCOL Karsten Fledelius Jensen.

Today the Nordic countries already work together on air transport and with new and simple procedures resources can be used even better. Other potential areas of cooperation are joint command and control systems, training, acquisitions and in the end a fully integrated Nordic air transport capability.


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