France Offers 18 Mirage 2000-5F Fighter to Colombia for $500 million
(Source:; posted Feb 02, 2015)
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The Colombian government has received an offer to acquire Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000-5F multirole aircraft from the country’s air force, the Armée de l'Air.

The offer, revealed by industry sources, includes a total of eighteen units for an approximate cost of $ 500 million. Of this, $350 million are for the cost of the eighteen surplus aircraft, and the remaining $150 million is the cost of their initial logistics package.

These aircraft are in perfect operating conditions, according to the source, and would be delivered with the systems (electronic warfare (EW) in particular) requested by Colombia.

The offer comes just a month after in-flight tests that pilots of the Colombian Air Force (FAC) carried out in France aboard the Mirage 2000-5F, which were revealed by

Better than the F16 C / D

During these trials, the Colombian crews brought the aircraft to speeds exceeding Mach 2, and conducted identification and target designation exercises. The Mirages’ synthetic aperture radar allowed them to engage nearly three times the number of targets than those achieved in similar tests carried out by the same Colombian pilots with Lockheed Martin F16 C / Ds.

The offer comes in the context of good relations between the two nations, and after the visit of the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, to France, which would ensure full compliance of the transfer process according to NATO standards.

With this operation France would continue to support a traditional ally in the field of defense and security, as well as supporting the Colombian government in the future post-conflict stage.


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