AgustaWestland AW 139 Helicopter Assembled In Russia, Has Taken Its First Flight In Moscow
(Source: Rostec: dated Aug. 4, 2015)
HeliVert, a joint venture of Russian Helicopters and the company AgustaWestland, conducts the final assembly in Russian of the twin-engine, middle class AW 139 helicopter.

The AW 139 commercial helicopter comes in a variety of classes: VIP, 12-15 passenger seats, transportation, medical, rescue, and more. The helicopter’s cruising speed can reach 306 km/h, and it has a maximum range of 927 km and duration of 5 hours. The AW 139 is equipped with two PT6C-67C Pratt & Whitney Canada turbine engines with 1,679 horsepower.

The first AW 139 helicopter assembled in Russia took to the air in December 2012. Helicopters produced by HeliVert have been offered to customers throughout Russia and CIS countries. The helicopters can be equipped with domestic equipment that meets the requirements of public services and operators.

Russian Helicopter Systems flew the AW 139 helicopter as part of an urban transportation development program. The company and the public transportation research and design institute Mosgortrans NIIproekt promote the construction and maintenance of helipads in Moscow.

Helipads are located in Moscow City and in front of the Moscow International House of Music. They were opened in May 2014 and since then have successfully met the helicopter needs of municipal and federal law enforcement and emergency services. The company plans to build 84 helipads in Moscow.


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