Airbus A400M Deliveries to Turkey Seen Delayed in 2016 – Official (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published Jan 08, 2016)
By Tulay Karadeniz
ANKARA --- Deliveries of two Airbus A400M military transport planes to Turkey in 2016 are expected to be delayed and talks are ongoing on delivery of a replacement for one that crashed on its maiden flight last year, a defence official told Reuters.

Ankara signed a deal for 10 of the Airbus heavy cargo and troop carriers in 2003 as part of a group of seven European NATO nations, expecting its order to be fulfilled by 2018.

Turkey received two of the aircraft in 2014 and was due to receive two more last year, but only one was delivered. The second plane crashed in Spain on May 9, killing four test crew.

"Talks are continuing on the delivery date for the replacement," an official from the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), part of Turkey's defence ministry, said on condition his name was not used.

"According to the A400M agreement, two aircraft should be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in 2016, in April and June. But it is anticipated that there will be delays in these deliveries," he added. (end of excerpt)

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