Saab's Next-Gen Gripen Fighter Jets Ready in May (excerpt)
(Source: Defense News; published Feb 18, 2016)
By Andrew Chuter
SINGAPORE --- Saab’s next-generation Gripen E combat jet will be rolled out of the assembly site at Linkoping, Sweden, on May 18, the company announced during a briefing with reporters at the Singapore Airshow.

Three aircraft are planned for the test phase of the new aircraft E/F variant, which has been purchased by Swedish and Brazilian air forces.

No timing has been given for the first flight of the jet, which incorporates a raft of improvements over the earlier C/D version, most notably the addition of an active electronically scanned radar.
During the briefing, Saab officials confirmed that they expect to add Slovakia to the list of Gripen export fighter customers at some stage after the general election timed for next month.

The Slovakians are currently in negotiation with Saab to acquire 8 new C/D variant aircraft, said Richard Smith, the head of Gripen sales, on Feb 18.

“Negotiations are ongoing as they head into an election and most likely the contract will be signed after the election is over,” said Smith.

The Gripen sales boss said the deal would be a purchase and not a lease. (end of excerpt)

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