Brazil Air Force to Receive Upgraded F-5 Tiger IIs
(Source: Forecast International; issued March 7, 2016)
BRASILIA --- The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is set to receive two upgraded F-5F Tiger II aircraft in November 2016. Brazil originally purchased 11 of the aircraft from Jordan in 2007 to supplement its own fleet of F-5s.

Brazil is estimated to operate 57 F-5s in total. The aircraft are planned to be upgraded to keep them in service through at least 2020.

The upgrades, dubbed F-5EM and F-5FM, include the Grifo F-BR radar, HOTAS cockpit controls, three multifunction displays, additional weapons capabilities, a radar warning receiver, and an electronic countermeasures suite. The F-5s without air-to-air refueling probes were to be fitted with these.

With the economy and state budget in trouble in Brazil, the upgrades will be much more modest than originally planned. At one time, all 11 aircraft acquired from Jordan were to be upgraded to the F-5EM or FM standard. However, it is now reported that Brazil will only upgrade a total of three aircraft. One upgraded aircraft was delivered in October 2014.


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