The Lithuanian Armed Forces Will Continue Procuring G-36 Assault Rifles
(Source: Lithuania Ministry of National Defence; issued March 22, 2016)
On the basis of the results obtained through testing the G-36 assault rifles and estimation of the exchanged corresponding data with other NATO allies, including Germany, leadership of the Ministry of National Defence and the Lithuanian Armed Forces took a decision to continue restocking the Lithuanian Armed Forces with the G-36 assault rifles for infantry riflemen.

“Our decision is based on the test data we have obtained and our allies have shared with us, as well as on our wish to have one type of the main rifleman gun in the Lithuanian Armed Forces,” Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas says.

The testing completed by the Lithuanian Armed Forces proved that the G-36 assault rifles diverge from their technical characteristics only in case they are used for fire support, i.e. as light machine guns, instead of small arms.

The procedures for procuring additional amount of G-36 assault rifles the Lithuanian Armed Forces need are planned to be started this year.


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