Arcturus T-20 JUMP VTOL UAS Deployed with the Mexican Navy
(Source: Arcturus UAV; issued May 2, 2016)
The Arcturus T-20 JUMP is a small unmanned air vehicle fitted with four rotors to allow vertical take-off and landing, while a nose-mounted propeller allows forward flight. (Arcturus photo)
NEW ORLEANS --- XPONENTIAL -- Arcturus UAV reports the Mexican Navy has deployed their T-20 JUMP Fixed Wing VTOL UAV for unspecified operations in Mexico. The customer took delivery of the VTOL system in March.

The T-20 JUMP is a VTOL variant of Arcturus UAV's catapult launched T-20 platform. The T-20 JUMP operates without any special launch or recovery equipment. Gross payload capacity is 60 lbs. The Mexican Navy configuration with EO/IR sensor has approximately 15 hours of endurance and 75-mile data link range.

An EO/IR and EW capable version offers 11 hours of endurance. Mexico has operated a fleet of catapult launch T-20s since 2014.

Arcturus has proposed the T-20 JUMP VTOL platform for MEUAS III, USSOCOM's worldwide UAS services contract. Arcturus has also proposed a heavy fuel version of the T-20 JUMP for the Royal Australian Navy's Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Program.


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