F-35: Second Flight from Cameri to the USA
(Source: Italian air force; issued May 19, 2016)
To date, all F-35 fighters to have crossed the Atlantic have been Italian-built, but two Dutch Air Force F-35s will cross in the other direction next week, and US Air Force and Marine Corps will fly to the United Kingdom in late June. (Italian AF photo)
ROME --- Two Italian Air Force F-35A Lightning II have taken off today from Cameri Air Base. After a stop-over in Lajes (Azores) they will land at Luke AFB, Arizona.

The Italian aircraft – entirely assembled at Cameri FACO (Final Assembly & Check-Out) facility– are flying in formation with two tankers (to ensure air-to-air refuelling during the flight). They will land at Luke AFB, Arizona, where the international pilot school dedicated to the new assets is already operational.

Last February an Italian F-35 – code name AL-1 -- was the first F-35 to cross the Atlantic. All three aircraft will be part of the international air fleet deployed at Luke's multinational F-35 pilot training centre.

Luke AFB is the only pilot training centre for all the countries that have joined the JSF programme.

The two Italian pilots will join their colleagues who are already stationed at the US Air Force base.


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