SABCA to Roll Out Its 1300th F-16
(Source: SABCA; issued July 12, 2016)
This Wednesday, while the global aerospace community gathered at Farnborough will be talking about the future of air, defense and space, the Flight Line Crew of SABCA will bring its 1300th F-16 back to fly. Business as usual for these skilled experts who are accustomed to perform such operations up to 50 times a year.

The delivery of this 1300th aircraft is another milestone in a 40 years long success story: SABCA started its common history with the F-16 in 1977, with the assembly and in-flight delivery of new aircrafts, on behalf of three different end-users.

Since then, exactly 1298 F-16 rolled out of the SABCA Flight Line after having been either assembled, upgraded, inspected, repaired or re-painted, and two more will be delivered this week. SABCA provides Maintenance and Overhaul of all kinds and levels, from maintenance of equipment to the overhaul of a complete fleet of jet fighters.

These services have been provided to twelve F-16 operators worldwide, among which the Air Forces of Belgium, USA, The Netherlands and Denmark continue to outsource the maintenance of complete aircraft to SABCA.

Thanks to the mutual trust built with its customers along the years, SABCA developed much ahead of the crew concepts like “Outsourcing of Organic Capabilities”, “One Stop Shop” or “Full Depot Support”, paving the way to its future in the MRO of Next Generation Jet Fighter.

SABCA is a Belgian, Brussels-headquartered aerospace engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1920. SABCA is prime or sub-contractor for several structural modification and operational capabilities upgrade programs on F-16, Alpha Jet, Mirage and other aircraft types, whose activities are performed from its plant of Charleroi having a runway access. With twelve different F-16 customers around the world, SABCA is a global key-player for the depot-level maintenance and upgrade on F-16.


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