Indra Will Provide Air Traffic Control Radars to Danish Royal Air Force
(Source: Indra; issued September 6, 2016)
In an international public tender run by the Danish Ministry of Defense, via the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), Indra has been awarded the contract to provide radars to support air traffic management at the country's Royal Air Force bases.

The company will provide three systems, each equipped with a primary radar (PSR) and a secondary radar (MSSR). These systems will bolster airspace surveillance and air operations at the Skrydstrup, Karup and Aalborg airfields.

Indra was the only company to meet the client's requirements, in a tender that saw the world's leading manufacturers compete with each other. The Indra PSR primary radar offers high operational ratios thanks to numerous features, including its ability to cross-select equipment from the main and backup chains in the event of element failure.

Meanwhile, the secondary radar (Indra MSSR) is a mature and latest generation product that can operate in cluster mode, working in coordination with other radars to avoid repeatedly interrogating the same aircraft. This makes it highly effective in regions of high traffic density, such as in the north of Europe.

The contract sees the company extend its global leadership in civil aviation traffic to the military field. The company has deployed air traffic technology at 4,000 facilities in 160 countries, making it one of the world's leading radar providers.

In military air traffic management, Indra has run major projects such as providing mobile air traffic management systems to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), ensuring that these military air traffic controllers have access to first-class airspace surveillance and air traffic control capabilities.

Indra has also strengthened its position in the north of Europe, a market that demands the most advanced technologies and where Indra has been a driving force behind infrastructure modernization in several countries.


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