Russian Helicopters Group Delivers First Ka-32 Rotorcraft to China In Late 2016
(Source: TASS Defense; issued Jan 09, 2017)

MOSCOW --- The Kumertau Aircraft Plant, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters Group, delivered the first batch of Kamov Ka-32 (NATO reporting name: Helix-C) multipurpose rotorcraft to China in late 2016, the group’s press office said.

"The Kumertau Aircraft Plant is expected to deliver the first batch of Ka-32A11VS multipurpose helicopters to China before the end of 2016 under a contract signed in 2015," the press office quoted Plant Managing Director Yuri Pustovgarov as saying.

In 2017, the plant is planning to sign new contracts, Pustovgarov said.

In particular, the plant is expected to sign contracts to deliver Ka-32A11VS helicopters and repair and upgrade a batch of Ka-28 (Helix) rotorcraft for a foreign customer.

The plant will also upgrade the Ka-27 (Helix) helicopter.

In 2017, the Kumertau Aircraft Plant is planning to increase its output by 45% year-on-year.

The Ka-32A11VS helicopter is designed to carry out special search and rescue operations and high-altitude assembly works, evacuate injured persons and transport cargo.

The helicopter can be also used to conduct patrolling and special missions.


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