Approx. 150 Rotational Czech Troops to be Deployed for Joint Exercises in Lithuania
(Source: Lithuania Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 09, 2017)
On January 10 rotational troops of the Czech Armed Forces will arrive in Lithuania, Šeštokai, by railway. Roughly 150 Czech soldiers with designated weaponry and roughly 30 military vehicles will train in joint exercises with Lithuanian soldiers until mid-March. This is the first time Czech rotational forces are deployed for several months of training in Lithuania.

The bulk of the rotational troops serve with 1st Infantry Company from 74th Light Motorised Battalion (based in garrison town Bucovice).

Throughout the rotation time the Czech soldiers will be based at the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion in Klaipėda and train alongside military personnel of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Kęstutis Mechanised Infantry Battalion based in Tauragė district. Lithuanian and Czech soldiers will train in a range of field training exercises and live firing events.

The Czech troops arrive with their own equipment: IVECO M65E Light Armoured Vehicles and other trucks. Tuesday the vehicles will be driven by regional roads Šeštokai-Klaipėda in column escorted by military police of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Also, the Czech soldiers plan taking part in the tribute run “On the Road of Life and Death” on January 14 in Vilnius, an event held in honour of those killed for a free Lithuania in 1991.

Lithuania provides full Host Nation Support for rotational forces deployed by NATO allies, that includes accommodation, meals, and logistical support.

As NATO strengthens deterrence measures agreed in spring 2014 for the Baltic region, company-sized units of the US Army rotate in Lithuania, also, companies from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary Luxembourg, Poland, and Portugal have carried out several month-long training deployments in our country.


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