S92 Grounding - Full Details Emerge (excerpt)
(Source: Oil Industry News; published Jan 10, 2017)
This morning almost all North Sea Helicopters were grounded after aircraft operators received an Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) from manufacturer Sikorsky, requiring a one off inspection of all S92 tail rotor systems upon landing.

The ASB comes as a result of Sikorsky's investigation into the West Franklin helicopter incident, where a S92 helicopter spun on the helideck upon landing - damaging the platform and the aircraft.

Aircraft operators immediately grounded all flights to enable the technical checks to be conducted, leaving the North Sea with only a handful of helicopters based in Aberdeen able to fly.

The technical checks are expected to take 11 hours for each aircraft and with dozens of S92s and a limited amount of engineers, the requirements will see the majority of S92's out of service for the coming days. It could take over a week before all S92s return to active service.

According to Flight Radar 24, Bristows has 21 S92 aircraft operating in the UK, CHC has 19 and Babcock have 11.

Aberden operator NHV is operating as normal however, flying a fleet of Airbus H175's out of Aberdeen and being unaffected by the S92 grounding.

With S92 operators having other helicopter variants based around the UK, operational decisions are being made as to whether to utilise alternative aircraft in the short term.

Hopes for offshore workers looking to return home this week are fading as even with replacement helicopters, 2 days of severe weather are likely to further impact any replacement aircrafts operations.

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