R&D for Il-114-300 Aircraft Upgrade Contract Placed
(Source: TASS Defense; published Feb 07, 2017)
MOSCOW --- The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has placed a contract with Russian airframers Ilyushin and MiG Corp. for research and development in support of the upgrade of the Ilyushin Il-114-300 passenger aircraft, according to UAC’s press office.

"UAC and its subsidiaries Ilyushin and MiG Corp. have signed agreements on R&D and productionizing under the Il-114-300 regional airliner upgrade and production resumption program," UAC says in a press release.

The release notes that the federal funds received as a payment to UAC’s authorized stock have been transferred to Ilyushin and MiG Corp. in 2016 - 1.067 billion ($18 million) and 540 million rubles ($9 million) respectively.

"MiG Corp. is prime contractor, which manufacturing plants will make the Il-114-300’s components and handle its final assembly. Ilyushin developed the aircraft. The plane’s design and basic upgrades have been hashed out," the news release says.

UAC Vice-President for Commercial Aircraft Vladislav Masalov said that the first Il-114-300 prototype was slated to be built, certificated under the NLGS-3 airworthiness rules and submitted for flight trials in 2018.

"The delivery of production-standard aircraft certificated in accordance with the current airworthiness rules and equipped with TV7-117SM engines is to start in 2021. The delivery of an up-engined version powered by TV7-117STs is planned for 2023. Our manufacturing facilities allow an output of 12 aircraft a year from 2022," the press office said.

The overall financing of the Il-114-300 program for 2016-2029 will stand at 55.9 billion rubles ($945 million).

"The sum includes the money for the R&D, re-equipment of the manufacturing plant and its subcontractors, aftersales support and leasing. Up to 100 airliners are expected to be built for commercial operators, governmental customers and foreign users the latter to use a special version," UAC concluded. -


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