Russia’s Naval Task Force Back Home After Successful Operation Off Syria's Coast
(Source: TASS: published Feb 09, 2017)
The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliki at anchor off Severomorsk, in the Kola Bay, after their return on Feb 8 from a mission to Syria which they began on Oct. 16, nearly four months ago. (RUS MoD photo)
SEVEROMORSK --- Russia’s aircraft carrier-led task force has completed its successful operation in Syria - in the air, on the high seas and underwater, the Navy’s Commander-in-Chief, Vladimir Korolyov, said on Thursday.

"The history of the Russian Navy is a long chronicle of victories, big and small. I am certain that the just-ended mission of the aircraft carrier-led task force is a special chapter in the combat history of the Russian Navy. In the operation against the terrorists you displayed unity, courage, determination and loyalty to the St. Andrew’s Flag. Each mile you left behind was used most effectively. The personnel operated with success in all media - in the air, on the sea surface and under water," Korolyov said at a special welcome ceremony on board the aircraft carrier The Admiral Kuznetsov.

The Admiral Kuznetsov and The Pyotr Veliki battlecruiser are now at anchor off Severomorsk in the Kola Bay. Both arrived there on February 8.

"As far as the serious losses inflicted upon the enemy and the invaluable experience the Navy’s air pilots have gained are concerned, they are a tangible argument in response to the skeptics who were calling in question the Navy’s combat ability and readiness," he said.

"We will closely study the lessons to be derived from this mission. Undoubtedly, we will review our plans for future operations by naval groups and fleets and adjust training accordingly. The results of the voyage will be included in the curricula or our naval academies," Korolyov said.

It was the Russian Navy’s first-ever large-scale voyage to the Mediterranean in which naval aircraft were used in combat. The naval task force consisting of The Admiral Kuznetsov, the heavy nuclear-powered battle cruiser The Pyotr Veliki, two anti-submarine chasers The Severomorsk and the Vice-Admiral Kulakov, as well as auxiliary ships left for the Mediterranean on October 15, 2016.


Russian Warships Return from Syria to Severomorsk
(Source: TASS Defense; published Feb 09, 2017)
SEVEROMORSK, Russia --- The heavy nuclear missile cruiser Petr Veliky of project 11442 returned from the Mediterranean Sea to Russia. The defense ministry said it is anchored in Severomorsk in Kola Bay.

The cruiser will later be joined by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier of project 11435. It led a group of Northern fleet warships to fight terrorism in Syria.

"At the final long-range navigation stage the warships trained various missions at ranges in the Barents Sea. On February 3 aircraft and helicopters from the warships returned to the deployment airfield Severomorsk-3," it said.

The large-scale operation with combat engagement of seaborne aircraft was carried out for the first time in the history of the Russian Navy. The warships sailed out on October 15. They are returning to the Kola Bay in turn according to the existing navigational regime.

Supply ships Sergei Osipov and Kama, the Nikolai Chiker tugboat also returned to the main base of the Northern fleet together with the warships. During the operation Russian warships and supply vessels sailed close to 18 thousand nautical miles in northeastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.-


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