UVZ First Display of Weapon Station at International Exhibition
(Source: Uralvagonzavod; issued Feb 10, 2017)
The Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2017 will see the premier display of the UVZ Сorporation specialty. For the first time at the international show exhibited will be a 30-mm remotely-controlled weapon station full-size dummy.

The remotely-controlled weapon station designed to locate, detect and kill individual and multiple targets at all hours is a major weapon of armoured combat vehicles. The weapon station is equipped with 30-mm automatic gun 2A42 as the main weapon and 7.63-mm machine gun 6П7Кas the support one.

Besides, the weapon station displayed at the UVZ stand will beATV-mounted 82-mm mortar full-size dummy. The 2Б24 mortar maximum fire range with round 3ВОЗwith HE mine 3-О-26 is 6 km minimum. The rate of the non-relayed fire is at least 20 rounds per minute.

Within the framework of the UVZ display the exhibition participants and visitors will also find other products manufactured by the UVZ incorporates.


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