Securing Syracuse 4
(Source: Thales; issued Feb 22, 2017)
At the end of 2015, the consortium of Thales Alenia Space (65%) and Airbus Defence and Space (35%) was selected by the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) to build and deliver the future French military satellite communications system, SYRACUSE IV (formerly Comsat NG).

This first step of the programme, which is decisive for the Thales group, confirms our expertise in the field of secure military satellite communications.

For this first phase of the SYRACUSE IV programme, Thales is also responsible for ensuring the security of the system, by bringing its expertise necessary for space system certification, and is deploying:

--Encryption devices on the ground segment together with their management system to protect the flows of:
o the satellite control and monitoring link
o the satellite telemetry link
o the control link of the on-board encryption box

--Security functions to provide cyber protection and cyber defence for the satellite management
--The secure network, which will guarantee all management and security exchanges between the various operational mainland anchoring sites where the space system will be deployed and operated.

The next phase of the SYRACUSE programme will focus on the new ground system, which will include both the network and the ground stations. The ground system must preserve and migrate the services that are currently provided by the current SYRACUSE III ground segment, and offer the new capacity gains that are expected from the new constellation (X and Ka bands) and the new land, naval and airborne stations.


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