Australian Industry Showcased to the World Through Online Portal
(Source: Australian Minister for Defence Industry; issued Feb 28, 2017)
Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, congratulated BAE Systems Australia (BAES Australia) on its innovative approach to providing in-depth information about the Joint Strike Fighter in Australia and Pacific region.

BAES Australia will promote Australian industry to the world through the online information portal, ‘Flight Path’, aiming to demonstrate the growing breadth of Australian defence industry capability.

“Flight Path is designed to profile how Australia will support our local RAAF F-35A aircraft as well as other F-35 aircraft in the Asia Pacific region as part of the F-35 Global Support System,” Minister Pyne said

“Australian Government and industry are working together to promote the significant and niche Defence capabilities we can provide global supply chains.

“The benefits the F-35 Program provides to local economies, employment and skills, in addition to global customers, are to be celebrated. Through this portal BAES Australia is doing just that.”

BAES Australia’s online campaign will promote the long-term benefits of F-35 sustainment work not only for BAE but for all Australian companies involved, as well as promoting our industry capabilities to the world.

Minister Pyne said BAES Australia had been assigned maintenance and repair for F-35 airframes for the South Asia Pacific region.

“As a key strategic partner in the global F-35 Program, Australia will be an F-35 hub for our region,” he said.

“Being a regional hub significantly increases the market for our industry base sustaining the F-35 far more than just maintaining our own 72 F-35A aircraft.

“With more than 3,100 F-35 aircraft worldwide, Australia will maintain regional volumes as a key supplier in the F-35 Global Support Solution.

“So far, we have been very successful in F-35 production work with over $800 million in production contracts to date, and we expect to that to reach $2 billion by 2023,” Minister Pyne said.

Australian industry also won assignments from the United States Government across ten F-35 repair technology groups for aircraft components, which demonstrates international confidence in Australian industry capability and reinforces Australia as an F-35 regional hub.

Media note: BAE Systems Australia’s Flight Path web portal can be accessed here -


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