Kongsberg Demonstrates MCT-30/40 and LW 230 Weapon Stations at Orbital ATK Bushmaster User Conference
(Source: Kongsberg A/S; issued Feb 28, 2017)
ALEXANDRIA, Va. --- As the global leader in Remote Weapon Station (RWS) development, manufacture, and support, Kongsberg recently unveiled their latest system developments at the Orbital ATK Bushmaster User Conference.

The Bushmaster demonstration took place on 1 February, and showcased the PROTECTOR LW30, with a M230 LF cannon and the PROTECTOR Medium Caliber (remote) Turret (MCT) with both 30mm and Super 40mm cannons.

The centerpiece of the event was the demonstration of the PROTECTOR MCT's flexibility to “upgun” from a standard 30mm configuration, to a 40mm cannon with no changes to the turret structure. The demonstration included live fire with both 30mm and 40mm high explosives and programmable airburst munitions, giving the audience proof of the increased effects on a variety of targets.

“Our ability to quickly change from the standard 30mm configuration to Super 40, in less than 60 minutes, in an austere environment, says volumes about the flexibility of the system and the effectiveness of its design. The demonstration not only shows how the MCT-30 system is currently being delivered to the Stryker Program, but also how it can support future needs for increased capabilities and lethality across a variety of formations,” said Pam Willgohs, Executive Vice President for Medium Caliber Turrets.

In addition, Kongsberg demonstrated its PROTECTOR LW30, firing in moving and static scenarios. The PROTECTOR LW30 was able to demonstrate full station functionality and mobility, firing without physical restraints on the system and successfully engaging targets out to ~1,000 meters.

“This is our second demonstration of the system for an international audience. The fact that we are able operate the system fully, without physical safety restraints, speaks to the maturity of the system and the control software,” said Alf Borstad, Executive Vice President for RWS USA.

He went on to add, “In this case, we successfully demonstrated the ability to leverage the U.S. Common Remotely Operated Weapon System (CROWS) family of systems to support new weapons development. Our U.S. Army customer challenged us to design a system that leverages the U.S government (USG) (owned) Technical Data Package (TDP) and the expansive CROWS supply chain (and industrial base). We feel we have done that, but also delivered on the performance and capability expectations of the end customer.

“This successful demonstration proves the ability for the USG to continue to realize the fruit of its substantial investment in the CROWS infrastructure. This will be specifically advantageous for qualification of the system, but also aid in continued growth for our depot partners already sustaining CROWS.”

Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) is the world's leading supplier of Remote Weapon Stations, providing flexible solutions that meet our customers' specific requirements. Through world class innovation, program execution and customer understanding, we provide high tech systems for enhanced situational awareness and protection of personnel and property in high-risk areas. KPS proudly manufactures and supports all U.S. customer products from its Johnstown, PA facility.

Kongsberg KOG is an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology systems and solutions to clients within the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, defense and aerospace. Kongsberg has 7,700 employees located in more than 25 countries and total revenues of NOK 17.0 billion in 2015.


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