Defence and Security After Brexit: A Snapshot of International Perspectives on the Implications of the UK's Decision to Leave the EU
(Source: The Rand Corp.; issued March 3, 2017)
This RAND Perspective provides a brief exploration of selected international perspectives on the possible defence and security implications of Brexit. Produced in the wake of the June 2016 referendum vote that the United Kingdom should cease its membership of the European Union, this Perspective is part of a wider RAND Europe study seeking to identify those policy areas, strategic concerns or military capabilities that might be most affected by Brexit and to explore the spectrum of possible outcomes in each area.

The aim, both of this Perspective and the wider study, is to help policymakers both inside and outside the UK to understand the key questions provoked by Brexit, and thus to inform how defence and security actors begin to plan for, mitigate and address these uncertainties as the UK begins negotiations to leave the European Union.

Click here for the full report (32 PDF pages) on the Rand website.


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