Finland Takes Part In Three New Projects of the European Defence Agency
(Source: Finland Ministry of Defence; issued March 16, 2017)
Finland will take part in three new projects which are launched by the European Defence Agency (EDA). It is believed that cooperation will generate savings and develop expertise.

Together with 14 other member states, Finland contributes to building a shared ability with the aim to improve the performance of medical care needed on national level and in crisis management. Own skills can be improved by joining the project and supporting the setting up of a multinational medical unit.

One of the skills to be improved is the ability to clear improvised explosives and to neutralise them. The intention is to benefit from what will be learned as part of national training in military crisis management, building national defence and providing executive assistance.

As far as logistics is concerned, the project aims at harmonising and simplifying the regulations and practices on military troops, personnel and materiel. A further aim is to make the setting up and deploying of troops a faster process in exercises and crisis management.

The agreements will be signed at the meeting of the EDA?s Capability Directors on 23 March 2017.

The projects with practical goals will further enhance Finland?s role in cooperating with the EDA; Finland has played an active role in the EDA?s activities since its establishment in 2005.


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