Mobile System of Sagittarius Evolution Handed Over to KSM
(Source: Thales; issued March 16, 2017)
The Special Forces Command Marine (KSM) of the German Federal Armed Forces has received the mobile version of the small arms trainer, Sagittarius Evolution, from Thales as a further development of the AGSHP introduced within the German Federal Armed Forces.

After the delivery of the system to the KSK in Calw at the beginning of last year, this is the second mobile version of the Thales simulation platform that is in use. In addition to the KSM, the Sea Battalion (SeeBtl), which is also stationed in Eckernförde, will also be using the simulator, especially for realistic training with “Wirkmittel 90 mm”. In addition to handling the fire control unit, the system allows training using various ammunition types (ASM, explosive, illumination, smoke) with the respective ignition modes that are typical for each kind and their effect in the target.

The system can be equipped on a needs-orientated basis for specialized forces with specific training scenarios (combat search and rescue, escorting ship convoys, etc.), networking systems and motion platforms in order to be able to complete training in an even more realistic manner.

"Wirkmittel 90 embodies a new generation of scalable, shoulder-mounted weapon systems at the German Federal Armed Forces. At our Sagittarius Evolution, the parameterized modes of actions of the individual types of ammunition can be trained in the simulation in an ideal and realistic way. Thus, the soldiers are optimally prepared for their deployment”, Stefan Wey added, who is Head of the Training & Simulation Domain at Thales Deutschland.

The mobile system is the smallest and most mobile version of the latest Thales simulation platform for handheld weapons, Sagittarius Evolution. Each device offers marksmanship and mission training for two trainees simultaneously.

The mobile system is installed in hardened rolling containers and features a wireless instructor station on a notebook. Its design permits the system to be set up by two persons in 15 minutes.


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