Small Defence Companies Look to Win
(Source: Finnish Broadcasting News; yle; issued March 21, 2017)
The paper out of southwest Turku, Turun Sanomat, features an article on budget increases that promise good times ahead for Finland's defence contractors. Winning tenders could determine the future success of many small Finnish companies.

The Finnish defence, aerospace and security industry is represented by AFDA, the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries. Chairman Olli Isotalo is certain that rising defence spending the world over will have a positive effect on the Finnish defence material industry.

Upcoming renewal of fighter jet and Navy boat fleets will be important, but gains in weapons and defence technology exports are also expected.

Finland's largest player in the defence market is Patria, which is 50.1 percent owned by the Finnish government. It recorded a 46.8 million euro operating profit in 2015. Isotalo says the entire turnover of the Finnish defence industry is approximately 700 million euros, with Patria's armoured wheeled vehicles, Nammo ammunition and Sako rifles accounting for the most sales.


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