Pilots of the Royal Malaysian Air Force Highly Appreciate Supermaneuverable Su-30MKM Fighter Jets
(Source: Irkut Corporation; issued March 21, 2017)
Royal Malaysian Air Force pilots were awarded certificates marking their 500 flight-hour and 1,000 flight-hour milestones on the Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighters. (Irkut photo)
On the first day of the "LIMA'17" International Exhibition (Malaysia), General Dato' Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang, the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, together with the top-management of Irkut Corporation and UAC, held a meeting with Russian and Malaysian pilots.

Pilots of the "Russian Knights" aerobatics group and the 11th squadron of the Royal Malaysian Air Force perform demonstration flights on supermaneuverable Su-30SM and Su-30MKM aircraft respectively.

General Dato' Sri Hj Affendi bin Buang named Su-30MKM fighter as one of the best of its class and expressed his gratitude to the makers of this magnificent aircraft. "Development of the Su-30MKM program is very important for Malaysia’s defence capability," the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force said.

The air aces of the Malaysia and Russia, whose performances constantly evoke admiration of the audience, highly praised flight characteristics of their aircraft. Col. Gborg, the pilot of the Royal Malaysian Air Force named Su-30MKM as the wonderful aircraft. "This is the best fighter I have been flying for my twenty-year career," he added.

Mr. Oleg Demchenko, the President of Irkut Corporation, marked the high skills of pilots and their ability to use fighter’s capabilities to the maximum extent.

Mr. Alexander Tulyakov, the First vice-president of UAC said: "Positive assessment of aircraft given by Russian and Malaysian pilots is very important for us - the developers and manufacturers".

The meeting ended with the joint photo session in front of the Su-30SM aircraft.


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