PT Dirgantara Indonesia Delivers 50th ‘Made-in-Indonesia’ H225 Rear Fuselage to Airbus
(Source: PT Dirgantara Indonesia; issued March 21, 2017)
The milestone delivery of the 50th H225 rear fuselage from PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) to Airbus Helicopters has reaffirmed Airbus Helicopters’ dedication in the development of a robust and sustainable aerospace industrial ecosystem in Indonesia.

The successful industrial co-operation between Airbus Helicopters and PTDI began more than four decades ago, with the two companies collectively delivering close to 200 helicopters to customers in Indonesia to-date.

Specifically for the H225, PTDI became a key supplier of the rotorcraft’s rear fuselage and main airframe in 2008, with full production in place by 2011. This came after a rigorous process involving transfer of knowledge, in-depth training and implementation of a robust quality system for the production.

In a short span of six years, PTDI has successfully produced 50 rear fuselages of the Super Puma family, in addition to the six main fuselages delivered to Airbus Helicopters. With more than 4,000 elementary parts for centre and rear fuselages produced and assembled in-country, the H225 programme has transformed the local industrial partner’s manufacturing capability.

“We are delighted to have been a trusted partner and supplier to Airbus Helicopters for its airframe fuselages,” said Budi Santoso, CEO and President of PT Dirgantara Indonesia. “This strong manufacturing relationship has seen rapid development in terms of industrialising the production of these key components in Indonesia, in a sustainable manner. As a result of the collaboration with Airbus, more than 4,000 people are employed today in the Indonesian aerospace industry, performing high value-added design, engineering and manufacturing jobs.”

Airbus H225

The ‘Made-in-Indonesia’ initiative has seen the open transfer of knowledge in helicopter engineering and manufacturing, skills development, as well as the committed support from Airbus Helicopters to PTDI, while the Indonesian industrial partner remains fully autonomous for the production of the fuselages.

These Indonesian-made fuselages have been successfully integrated into the Super Puma helicopters, which are currently operating in more than 15 countries worldwide.

“We have a very clear mandate from the on-start, which is to develop an indigenous aerospace industry in Indonesia, through strong local industrial partnerships. This milestone delivery underscores the success we have established in the country, realising our ‘Made in Indonesia’ commitment”, said Ludovic Bistot, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters Indonesia. “Indonesia will continue to be an important contributor to our global supply chain, well supported by PTDI whom we share the same commitment to build a vibrant and progressive aerospace industry in the country.”

Airbus Helicopters and PTDI are currently working together on 11 different helicopter types, namely the H225M, H215, AS565 MBe, AS365 N3+, H135, AS550, AS555, AS350, as well as the earlier platforms NAS330, NSP332 and MBO-105, for the Indonesian Presidential fleet, the Indonesian air force, army, navy, police forces, Basarnas and the STPI training centre; supporting a wide range of operational missions.


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