Prosub Advances In the Construction of Conventional Submarines
(Source: Brazilian Navy; issued March 21, 2017)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by
The torpedo magazine and loading mechanism is fitted inside the bow section of Brazil’s future Riachuelo, the first Scorpène-class submarine being built by the ProSub joint venture for the Brazilian Navy. (Brazil Navy photo)
On March 16, following the construction of the Riachuelo Submarine (SBR-1), which is part of the Navy Submarine Development Program (Prosub), the handling and storage module for torpedoes was fitted to the interior of the bow section.

This is the first large piece of shipboard equipment, and will receive the torpedoes on board and position them in the cribs. When at sea, this system removes the torpedoes from the cribs and loads them into the torpedo tubes.

Held in the main building of the Metal Structures Manufacturing Unit, in Itaguaí (RJ), the event took place within the programmed deadline and represents an important industrial milestone in the shipment phase of submarine construction equipment.

Also for this year are planned the continuity of the integration phase and the subsequent transfer of the hull sections to the construction site, with the prospect of launching the Riachuelo submarine in July 2018.


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