Sign-Off Process Completed for Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Project Engine Final Assembly Line
(Source: Tusas Engine Industries; issued March 23, 2017)
Signing ceremony for 'Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Project Engine Final Assembly Line Establishment, Activation and 1st ASMC Command T-11 Test Cell Modification Phase Project' was held on March 23, 2017, at SSIK (Defense Industry Executive Committee) meeting hall of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries upon attendance of Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, Undersecretary for Defense Industries, and Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit, President and CEO of TEI.

Upon execution of this agreement following the planning and management phases completed as part of the initiatives for Engine Final Assembly / Check-Out Line and Establishment of the Depot-Level Maintenance Center for the European Region, Tusas Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) will realize 1st ASMC T-11 Test Cell Modification and Engine Final Assembly / Check-Out (FACO) Line Assembly within a period of three-year project schedule at the 1st ASMC Command in Eskisehir.

The capabilities acquired as part of the project, to be carried out under the leadership of Aircraft Department of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (UDI), will serve for not only assembly and testing processes of any engines to be included in the inventory of the Republic of Turkey, but also establishment of a facility and infrastructure for regional engine maintenance, repair, overhaul and testing processes at the 1st ASMC Command.

The JSF project, described as the largest defense industries supply project of all time, will be carried out by Tusas Engine Industries Inc. (TEI), acting as the main contractor, and multiple domestic sub-contractors, under which the 1st ASMC Command will be the first center to be established for the purpose of providing heavy maintenance and repair services for JSF aircraft of all users across the European region.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Given the recent behavior of the Turkish government, and its strange approach to NATO and allied affairs, it is questionable whether many F-35 operators will be willing to have their engines repaired in Turkey.)


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