International Support Partnerships Established as a New Business Area
(Source: Patria; issued March 27, 2017)
According to its new strategy, Patria is seeking growth, investing in and directing its development efforts towards international lifecycle support services. To achieve its goals, on Patria’s Board of Management, Lassi Matikainen, who has been President of Patria Aviation since 2010, will take business ownership of programs in the aviation services, with a special focus on international growth of helicopter maintenance and expansion of civil flight training. His new title is President, International Support Partnerships and he will report to the President and CEO of Patria.

Martti Wallin will become the new President of Aviation business unit and a member of Patria’s Board of Management. He has been in charge of the Aviation BU’s Engines unit, which is based in Linnavuori, and has been the deputy to Lassi Matikainen since 2013. Ville Ahonen will head the Engines unit and become a member of Aviation BU’s management team. Ville will also continue in his current position as manager of the Gas Turbines operative unit. These changes will come into effect from 1 April 2017.

“With this change, we will further strengthen the focus of Patria’s management on the implementation of our strategy, both internationally in new service partnerships and domestically, with respect to Aviation,” says Olli Isotalo, President & CEO.


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