AIA Applauds Repeal of “Blacklisting Rule”
(Source: Aerospace Industries Association; issued March 28, 2017)
Today, the Aerospace Industries Association lauded the official repeal of the so-called “Blacklisting Rule.” AIA was part of the initial coalition to remove this jobs-killing regulation, taking action to urge for the repeal, and joining in a letter to House members to push for congressional action on the matter.

“This repeal represents a positive step in eliminating one of the most burdensome regulations facing our nation’s manufacturing sector,” said AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher. “We will continue to partner with the Administration and lawmakers to promote smart regulations that bolster the opportunities and growth of the aerospace and defense industry, and ensure America’s aerospace industry remains the most innovative and advanced aerospace industry in the world.”

Working closely with the Administration and Congress, and in partnership with a coalition of other associations, AIA pushed for the repeal of the Blacklisting Rule as part of a larger AIA effort to eliminate regulatory overreach and repeal outdated and redundant regulations that burden the aerospace and defense industry.

The rule itself imposed onerous new burdens on federal contractors by requiring them to disclose violations and alleged violations of state and federal labor laws and strained those contractors’ abilities to clear themselves against frivolous alleged claims.


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