Navy Chiefs Sign Agreement to Ensure Continued Security at Sea
(Source: Royal Navy; issued March 28, 2017)
French navy chief Admiral Christophe Prazuck (L), First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones (C) and US Navy Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson sign the new agreement in London. (RN photo)
The heads of the US Navy, Royal Navy and Marine Nationale have come together at the Ministry of Defence in London to sign a trilateral agreement focused on enhanced cooperation.

The US, UK, and France have been partners for well over a century and are all committed members of NATO. The agreement will help to build on each navy’s strengths and help to address current and future security challenges at and from the sea.

As a result, the Marine Nationale, Royal Navy and US Navy will be able to effectively operate together and independently in response to growing challenges and seamlessly conduct Carrier Strike Group operations.

Speaking after signing the agreement, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, said: “The world is becoming more competitive and less stable, which is why it is instinctive for NATO’s three strongest navies to come together regularly to review how we can provide leadership and example to assist in the maintenance of security and stability at sea and the upholding of the rule of law.

“France and the United States are the United Kingdom’s two most important defence partners and it has been my privilege to host my counterparts, Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, and Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chef d'Etat Major de la Marine, in London for this historic meeting.

"Our agreement to strengthen the cooperation between our navies is a sign of their confidence in the Royal Navy’s ability to fight alongside them in the most demanding scenarios."

The agreement was signed by Chef d’état-major de la marine nationale Admiral Christophe Prazuck, First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones and the US Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson.

Full text of the agreement:

The US, UK, and France have been partners for well over a century and are all committed members of NATO. Our navies share the same global reach and full-range capability from nuclear submarines to power projection.

We believe that freedom of navigation and a rules based international order are fundamental to peace and prosperity. We also share many national security challenges, including the threats posed by violent extremism and the increasing competition from conventional State actors.

More than ever, these threats manifest in the maritime domain. Given these common values, capabilities, and challenges it makes sense for our navies to strengthen our co-operation.

Today, we have agreed upon a course consistent with our shared national interests, which offers options for deeper co-operation and interoperability to our commanders in both operations and exercises.

We believe this increased trilateral co-operation will help secure a future that is not only in the interests of our three nations, but in the common interests of our allies, partners, and all like-minded nations who are committed to peace, prosperity, and maritime security.


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