Boeing and TAI Strengthen Partnership with Contract
(Source: Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc.; issued March 30, 2017)
Boeing and TAI have announced a contract extension to produce the Elevator for the 787 Dreamliner.

The agreement between Boeing and TAI extends TAI production of a crucial flight control component of 787. The two companies' close industrial collaboration supports the 787 program's performance and affordability while furthering the longstanding relationship between Boeing and Turkey's aerospace industry.

"TAI is a globally competitive and important partner in international aviation projects. I hope that through this agreement, our already close cooperation will gain a new momentum and become even stronger," commented Temel Kotil CEO of TAI.

The 787 Elevator, located on the airplane's horizontal stabilizer, controls the airplane's ascent and descent. TAI has produced 787 Elevators since the program's inception and became a direct supplier of this component to Boeing in 2013.

"Boeing is proud to strengthen our industrial partnership with TAI in ways that support our customers and advance the capability and quality of Turkey's aerospace industry," said Aysem Sargin, managing director of Boeing Turkey. "TAI has been a high-performing 787 supplier, working closely with Boeing to meet quality, on-time delivery and affordability goals. We appreciate TAI's skill and commitment to build the world's most innovative airplane."


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