Poland is Looking for Leopard 2 Tanks
(Source: Defence24.com Poland; posted March 31, 2017)
Poland is examining the possibility of acquiring additional used Leopard 2 tanks to maintain and expand the capabilities of its armored component.

Tomasz Szatkowski, Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Defence, said Poland is looking at various ways to acquire these additional tanks, including procuring second-hand tanks which would then, as with the previous batches of Leo 2A4 and Leo 4A5 tanks acquired by Poland, upgraded to the same Leo 2PL standard.

“Indeed, we are looking at this type of opportunities. We have been asking the Germans about that but they no longer are in possession of used vehicles of this type. The Spanish Leopards are quite old, so there are doubts about whether we should reach out for them. This is an ongoing process, and should we reach the acquisition phase, all these details will have to be closely examined.


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