Plan for Lightning
(Source: US Air Force; issued April 04, 2017)
RAF LAKENHEATH, England --- Tucked away in the countryside of East Anglia, England, the future home of American combat air power in Europe is carefully discussed, planned and drawn.

With the future embedment of the F-35 Lightning II at RAF Lakenheath, contractors and military members met during a weeklong conversation to discuss the future construction projects needed to house the two new JSF squadrons which are set to arrive in 2021.

“Bedding down the F-35 at RAF Lakenheath is going to require a tremendous amount of effort from multiple agencies,” said Lt. Col. William Vause, 48th Fighter Wing F-35 program integration office chief. “Communication, collaboration and understanding of timelines are going to be required.”

Communication was paramount during the meetings that were held throughout the week. Discussions took place between the contractors and subject matter experts from different agencies around base to understand the requirements of each new facility. This planning helps ensure future construction projects meet the needs of the new aircraft and the Airmen responsible for them.

These requirements will be used by the contractors to create a planning document, which will be used to start the building designs.

Demolition is scheduled to begin in 2018 followed by construction in 2019.


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