Plan to Service UK F-35 Jets in Turkey Sparks Security Concerns (excerpt)
(Source: BBC News; published April 6, 2017)
By Brian Wheeler
Security concerns have been raised about plans to carry out major servicing work on the UK's new F-35 fighter jets in Turkey.

SNP MP George Kerevan is to call for an inquiry into the policy in the light of last year's attempted coup in Turkey and tensions with its Nato partners.

Major repairs to RAF combat jets have previously been carried out in the UK.

The Ministry of Defence said the F-35 was an international project with a global support network.

Turkey was selected by the US department of defence's joint programme office, based near the Pentagon, to provide "deep maintenance" and repair of engines for all F-35 aircraft based in Europe.

There will also be engine repair facilities in Australia and North America.

But Mr Kerevan said the UK should consider setting up back-up facilities. "The UK should have options in the event of a diplomatic crisis with Turkey," he told BBC News.

"I want to know what alternative arrangements are in place if it became impossible to have the engines overhauled."

The MP is writing to the defence select committee to ask it to investigate. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the BBC News website.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Ministry of Defence’s statement in full is:
“F-35 is an international programme, with maintenance and repair hubs in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, and a global support network that ensures security of supply for all involved. (Emphasis added)
The UK, along with the other F-35 partner nations, benefit from this approach and the efficiencies it delivers.”
As is all too often the case, this MoD statement is entirely devoid of meaning, and makes gratuitous claims without even the semblance of substantiation.
Whitehall might as well close down the MoD press office, saving themselves the money as well as the media’s time.)


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