JDEAL Training in Spain Before Final Delivery of 2nd Deployable Laboratory in May
(Source: European Defence Agency; issued April 18, 2017)
MADRID --- As part of its Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL) project, which has been launched in 2013 to support the fight against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), the European Defence Agency (EDA) has launched today (18 April) a technical course which will last until 28 April and which is specifically designed to train military staff on the setting up and technical management of a new joint deployable capability (JDC) which will be delivered to the permanent technical exploitation training facility based in Soesterberg (The Netherlands) by the end of May.

This new JDC is already the second deployable capability developed and delivered within EDA’s JDEAL project. The course is being hosted by the Spanish company Indra Sistemas at its facilities in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). Trainees from the 13 EDA Member States participating in JDEAL will be instructed to handle the specific electronics items and tools, and to acquire the required skills to manage and operate the complex deployable laboratory. A visitor’s day for participating Member States will take place on 27 April.

This scalable and rapidly deployable capability will enable the participating Member States to deploy exactly the equipment that is required in a given situation, from a full laboratory deployment with all essential equipment to limited interventions with specific material only.

Once the course is finished, the laboratory will be packed up and moved to Soesterberg where the delivery is expected by the end of May. After a final review and acceptance process in Soesterberg, this second deployable capability will be considered to have reached Full Operational Capability (FOC).


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