China's FTC-2000 Aircraft Export-Version Rolls off Production Line
(Source: Xinhua; issued June 06, 2017)
The first armed export variant of the Chinese air force’s advanced jet trainer, now re-designated FTC-2000, was formally rolled out on June 5 by a subsidiary of AVIC. It is the first of an order for the Sudan air force. (AVIC photo)
GUIYANG --- The export version of the China-developed light versatile FTC-2000 aircraft rolled off the production line of the state-owned aircraft developer in Anshun, in southwest China's Guizhou Province Monday.

With its desert-camouflage paint appearance, the FTC-2000 was developed by the Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation under the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

As one of the first batch of its model in the global-military trade market, it will be delivered to overseas clients after necessary procedures and tests, according to AVIC.

The FTC-2000, also named Mountain Eagle, or Shanying in Chinese, is a supersonic advanced fighter trainer.

The single-engine light versatile aircraft is a new generation of advanced-fighter trainer designed for advanced training and lead-in fighter training for modern fighters. It is also capable of performing combat missions.

The supersonic aircraft has a mach number of 1.5, and a maximum service ceiling of 16,000 meters.

"It can be used for senior training, elementary combat training and tactical countermeasure training for fighter pilots. And it also has the ability to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground combat," according to Hu Jianxing, deputy manager and chief designer with the AVIC Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation.

"It completed the 'Stall and Spin Flight Test' within two seconds at the research stage. The FTC-2000 has high safety characteristics," said Hu, adding the model was highly efficient and reliable.

The FTC-2000 maiden flight was on December 13, 2003. And the model has made two public aerobatic flight displays, at the 2006 and 2016 China Airshow in Zhuhai.

In China, the FTC-2000 is the main advanced trainer used by the PLA Air Force and the PLA Navy.

"The domestic version and export version have the same flying platform. And both are installed with China's home-developed WP-13 turbojet engine, which has been tested for high performance," Hu said. "The export version will be installed with various avionics systems, navigation guidance systems or external stores tailored for overseas client's demand for multiple missions."


China's Jet Trainer JL-9 Rolls off Assembly Line for Final Time
(Source: Xinhua; issued June 05, 2017)
China's first exported jet trainer developed for the country's air forces rolled off the assembly line for the last time on June 5.

The Guizhou JL-9, also known as the FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle, began as a private venture of Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation for fourth generation aircraft. It was revealed at the 2001 China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition and went into detailed design the year after.

The fighter-trainer entered production in 2013, and a military export deal with Sudan was signed in 2016.

The Guizhou JL-9 retained the engine, empennage and mechanical controls of its predecessor, the Chengdu J-7, but was given a new wing, a forward fuselage with side air intakes and a glass cockpit.

The trainer was completed along with the Hongdu L-15, a supersonic training and light attack aircraft developed by Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation, to meet the advanced jet trainer requirements of the People's Liberation Army Air Force and the People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force in China.

JL-9 Jet Rolls off Assembly Line for Foreign Trade
(Source: People's Daily Online; issued June 05, 2017)
China's famous JL-9 "Shanying" fighter-trainer jet saw its first model for foreign trade roll off the assembly line in Guizhou province on June 5.

Now coded as FTC-2000, the jet has a maximum weapon load of 2 tons. It features five attaching points, which can be used for either missile loads or auxiliary tanks. It uses a hands-on throttle-and-stick operating system.

The original model, JL-9, is a two-seat fighter-trainer jet developed by Guizhou Aviation Aircraft Co. Ltd. (GAC) and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). It took its maiden flight in 2003, and has been serving in its original and advanced formats since then. It is capable of advanced fighter-jet training and can also conduct air-to-ground combat at a lower level.

The foreign trade version boasts some third-generation design features and has been adapted for mainly air-to-ground attack missions, with some capability in air-to-air combat.

In January, GAC signed the first export deal for the FTC-2000, Beijing Youth Daily reported.


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