Modernization of Artillery with New M109 Self-Propelled Guns
(Source: Brazilian Army; issued June 7, 2017)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by
Developed to the specifications of the Brazilian Army, the M-109A5 Plus BR has a longer range and features various improvements that reduce target engagement time by 80%. (Brazilian Army photo)
CURITIBA, Brazil --- The Brazilian Army is preparing to receive new units of the self-propelled M109 A5 "Plus" BR, an updated model of the combat artillery vehicle, with more technological capabilities than its predecessor.

The 5th Self-propelled Field Artillery Group (5th GAC AP), located in Curitiba, will be one of the first to receive, in principle, 16 units of the new vehicle. For this, a new pavilion has been built and the unit incorporated an additional battery, increasing its manpower. In addition, the 5th GAC AP has also promoted personnel training.

The acquisition expands the capacity of the Brazilian Artillery, considering that the product was developed based on the needs of the Brazilian Army. The new model of the M109 has a longer range and reduces the time between receiving the engagement order and opening fire by more than 80% over previous models.

The 155mm gun incorporates an initial tube velocity gauge, which provides greater accuracy in firing, as well as improvements in the positioning and navigation system, command display unit, digital radios, gun control system and remotely driven tube lock.

(Brazilian Army video)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Brazil bought 36 surplus U.S. Army M109s, which are being upgraded to “BR” standard by BAE Systems under a contract awarded in September 2016.
Brazil also operates 40 earlier A3 variants purchased from the Belgian army.)


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