Infantry Units Mobility to be Increased with PMVs and APCs
(Source: Australian Army; issued June 12, 2017)
With the workforce re-alignment as part of Plan Beersheba, infantry units will receive PMVs and APCs. This will require changes to the training continuum for units and will also result in changes to the manner in which units will operate as they integrate the vehicles into their SOPs. Dismounted infantry skills will remain integral to the units.

The changeover has already begun with 1 CSSB handing over its PMVs to 5 RAR. School of Armour is conducting training to support infantry’s requirements.

Each combat brigade will contain a battalion equipped with PMVs and another equipped with APCs from the co-located armoured cavalry regiment. The Land 400 project will see the introduction of new combat reconnaissance vehicles and new infantry fighting vehicles increasing protection, mobility and reconnaissance for armour and infantry alike.


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