Szczecin Multinational Corps North-East Has Achieved NATO Full Operational Capability
(Source: Italian Ministry of Defence; issued June 14, 2017)
In fact, having achieved Full Operational Capability as a result of a tactical assessment, Szczecin Multinational Corps North-East is now one of NATO High Readiness Corps HQs.

Both the tactical tests and operational capability assessment have been successfully concluded. Lt Gen (US) Darryl Williams, Commander NATO Land Command-Izmir, who led the assessment team, submitted his report to Commander Brunssum NATO Joint Force Command (JFC), IT General Salvatore Farina.

The 3 Framework Nations were represented by Polish CHOD Lt Gen Leszek Surawsky, Denmark Deputy-CHOD, Lt Gen Per Ludvigsen, and Commander Joint Operational Command-GE Lt Gen Carsten Jacobson. A number of representatives from SHAPE and other NATO HQs also attended the ceremony.

Multinational Corps North-East has been assigned more personnel and equipment after the Warsaw and Wales NATO Summits. It operates under the operational command of JFC- Brunssum and is authorized by such Command to conduct training and readiness activities for the newly-established enhanced Forward Presence (eFP), with three Battle Groups deployed in the Baltics and one in Poland.

General Surowsky and General Farina appreciated Gen. Hofmann lead and the professional skills of Szczecin staff, made up of 26 NATO members and partner countries.

The new capability will immediately become operational, conducting C-2 activities on Allied units taking part in Exercise SABER STRIKE 17, including the three new Battle Groups under US and UK lead. The 4th Battle Group will be officially established in Latvia on 19 June.

This is a further, important step forward in the Alliance adaptation process to tackle new challenges.


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