Together, The Netherlands and Norway Are Strong In Space
(Source: Netherlands Ministry of Defence; issued July 6, 2017)
(Issued in Dutch; unofficial translation by
The Netherlands and Norway are conducting scientific research in the area of spacecraft. These are aspects that are relevant to military action.

The focus is on designing a space demonstrator in the form of a small satellite. In this way, Defense also shows that they can develop strategic niche capacity internationally. The combination of knowledge and experience in both countries provides significant enrichment. Norway has already launched 2 satellites and has a 3rd in preparation. The air force has a nano satellite program.

The project is part of the Strategic Mutual Assistance in Research and Technology (SMART) agreement that closed the Netherlands and Norway for some years. This involves cooperation in strategically important research areas.

Aerospace researchers involved are from the National Aerospace Laboratory, TNO, Air Command and Naval Force Command and Coast Guard. On the Norwegian side, it is the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Research Institute FFI.


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