200th MUSS Equipment Set Delivered – Reliable Protection Against Guided Weapons
(Source: Hensoldt; issued July 11, 2017)
A Puma infantry fighting vehicle fitted with the MUSS self-protection system; 200 of the systems have been delivered to date for the German army. (Hensoldt photo)
TAUFKIRCHEN, Germany --- The new sensor house HENSOLDT has delivered the 200th equipment set for the MUltifunctional Self-protection System MUSS, which is to be integrated into the German Army's new "Puma" infantry fighting vehicle.

Thus, deliveries currently amount to 1,000 components, comprising 800 sensor heads and 200 central units. HENSOLDT is under contract to deliver in total approx. 350 MUSS equipment sets to primes Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall.

"Protection systems like MUSS are opening up enhanced possibilities for protecting armoured vehicles from attacks, as is already the case for aircraft or helicopters," said Thomas Müller, CEO HENSOLDT. "Compared to hard-kill solutions, we are able to increase the protection level considerably without risking collateral damage around the vehicle".

MUSS drastically reduces the likelihood of a hit by antitank guided missiles or laser-guided ammunition and is the only operational soft-kill active protection system for ground vehicles worldwide. It achieves a level of protection which is not possible for the same total weight with passive armour while avoiding collateral damage.

Each MUSS system consists of four warning sensors, a central unit, an infrared jammer head, jammer electronics and a novel alignable smoke grenade launcher. The warning sensors detect approaching missiles and laser beams aimed at the vehicle. The central unit activates an infrared jammer, which interferes with missiles' guidance systems, and/or initiates the use of pyrotechnic countermeasures.

An active protection system like MUSS defeats threats before they strike a vehicle, by sensing them and providing a 'soft' response based on jamming or obscuration of the guidance mechanism with no risk of collateral damages. Moreover, MUSS is a discrete solution, which has no significant influence on the vehicle radiation as it features only passive sensors and an infrared Jammer with short activation time, not detectable either in visible or in thermal image spectrum.


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