Requirements of the Safe Environment International Contest Were Corrected Due to the Capabilities of Chinese Vehicles
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued July 25, 2017)
Requirements of the Safe Environment international contest are changing for the second year in a row due to the capabilities of Chinese vehicles. Chinese NBC reconnaissance vehicles are faster and more maneuverable, but they are not capable of crossing water obstacles.

In fact, FZC02B NBC reconnaissance vehicles are classic SUVs performing similar to our RKhM-4 tasks, but different in their capabilities.

Moreover, Chinese Korla range is not equipped with water obstacles. This is why the standard of crossing the ford was removed from the contest. Now three new elements have been added to the contest programme. The anti-tank ditch, the hanging ladder and the destroyed bridge are among them.

It will be the first time when Russian NBC reconnaissance crews will compete on Chinese vehicles at the Korla range. Usually they use Russian RKhM-4 APCs. Also Russian team will use Chinese special processing equipment and Type-95 rifles in addition to use of FZC02B NBC reconnaissance vehicles.

The decision to use Chinese vehicles is the only opportunity for participants from Russia and other foreign teams to compete in equal conditions.

The Safe Environment international contest will consist of three stages: Individual race, Relay race and Fire training.

Tracks of the Korla range are equipped with steep slopes, minefields, the NBC reconnaissance area, double-track bridge, anti-tank ditch, trenches, hills, barrier and maneuvering section. Also the route, which is 4 km in length, is equipped with a classic fire assault course.


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