Successful Sea Trials for Revamped HMS Montrose
(Source: Royal Navy; issued July 31, 2017)
HMS Montrose has returned to Plymouth after successful machinery and weapons trials at sea - only three weeks after leaving dry dock from a three-year upgrade.

The ship's engines have been pushed to the limits and have propelled the vessel to her top speed during whilst the ship was manoeuvred to simulate extreme weather conditions.

The crew are getting used to living and working on board a warship at sea, which for a large number is their first taste of life at sea.

AB Std Tanya Moore said, "People said I looked a little green from sea sickness at first, but you soon get over it and get on with the job."

Weapon shoots have involved the weapons specialists and those manning the operations room - the latter stood-up for 24/7.

HMS Montrose has been within a few miles of a Chinese task force heading towards the Baltic sea for a joint exercise with the Russian Navy, which was shadowed by UK forces.

Meanwhile, the catering team has provided a wide and varied menu over the period, ranging from the classic Royal Navy delicacy of 'cheesy hammy eggy', to lamb tagine.

It's not all work though, the ship's physical training instructor, Melanie Haslam has conducted daily circuit training on board using the flight deck, while rougher weather means the training takes place where the helicopter is usually parked, making exercise a little more challenging.

The ship, does however, have a gym. Lt Matt Bowden, a leading player in the RN rugby team, said, "The new gym on board is great, it combines a wide range of functional fitness equipment and the crew love it. Definitely one of the most comprehensive gym set ups across the surface fleet."

The ship will now conduct some more work alongside in Plymouth before sailing to conduct more trials.


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