Helibras Takes Important Step Towards H225M Certification for Naval Operations
(Source: Helibras; issued Aug. 8, 2017)
(Issued in Portuguese; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Helibras has carried out several firings of the AM-39 Exocet anti-ship missile as part of the certification process for the Airbus H225M helicopter, which it is pursuing on its own. The first delivery to the Brazilian Navy is due next year. (Helibras photo)
Helibras carried out the second flight of the H225M certification campaign in the Naval Operational version at its facilities in Itajubá (MG). The event was attended by the Certifying Authority, the Institute of Industrial Development and Coordination (IFI), as well as Helibras personnel.

The scope analyzed by the certifying authority was the integration of the AM-39 anti-ship missile, carried out by Helibras. The flight qualities and the performance of the aircraft with the weapons installed was evaluated. Other aspects of the Naval System (NTDMS) will soon be evaluated to complete aircraft certification.

During the event, firing of the AM-39 missile were carried out using the Tactical Naval Mission System. "We have concluded another important step in the certification process of this version. New flights will be carried out in August, this time to evaluate other systems present in the operational version of the Navy, "explains the president of Helibras, Richard Marelli.

Aircraft n° BRA-005 will be the first H225M in an operational version to be delivered to the Brazilian Navy in 2018. The helicopter is part of the contract for 50 H-XBR H225M helicopters purchased by the Ministry of Defense for the Brazilian Armed Forces. These are being produced by Helibras in Brazil, thanks to the transfer of technology and know-how that has been occurring since 2010.


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