New Su-30SM Fighters Joined the Western MD Aviation Regiment in the Kursk Region
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Aug 28, 2017)
Generation 4+ Su-30SM fighters have made a flight from the Irkutsk aviation plant to the Western MD to reinforce squadrons in the Kursk region.

The regiment has received two Su-30SM supermanoeuverable fighters. The aircraft will join the combat strength of the regiment and go on a patrol to secure air borders.

Pilots have completed conversion training at the Aerospace Forces Training Centre in Lipetsk and performed first flights on new fighters, and shooting from air weapons.

Special training complexes will be designed to train aviation personnel for the Su-30SM fighters. The complexes will comprise several halls with training systems and interactive screens simulating real air combat conditions, as well as various failures so that the pilots acquire required skills for the new aircraft.

The aircraft can be equipped with modern and advanced air-to-air and air-to-surface high-precision weapon. It is designed to gain air supremacy, block hostile airfield, eliminate air, ground and naval targets in any adverse weather conditions.


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