Highly Mobile, Superbly Protected, Modular and Versatile, the Boxer Comes Out Fighting –the Perfect Fit for Britain’s MIV Programme
(Source: Rheinmetall Defence; issued Sept 12, 2017)
To support its marketing claim that the Boxer armored vehicle it is offering for the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) program is “British by Birth,” Rheinmetall has brought one with a distinctively British paint scheme to the DSEI show. (RM photo)
At this year’s DSEI, the Boxer is now returning to the United Kingdom, where it will be on display at the Rheinmetall stand (S7-110). The UK was an early partner in the industrial consortium that originally developed the Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV). In the meantime, three NATO nations have selected this versatile, well-protected, combat-proven family of vehicles.

Developed by Rheinmetall in cooperation with other leading defence partners, the Boxer MRAV is one of the world’s most advanced 8x8 wheeled tactical vehicles. Extremely well protected yet highly mobile, the Boxer vehicle family is already in service with the armed forces of Germany and the Netherlands and is on order in Lithuania, while the Australian Defence Forces have recently completed a series of extensive trials prior to a procurement decision. Moreover, the Boxer has already proven itself on deployed operations with the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

This makes it a strong contender for the UK’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme. Rheinmetall is showcasing the Boxer at DSEI 2017, emphasising the ways the vehicle can be included in network-enabled operations.

Thanks to its add-on composite armour, the Boxer is the world’s best protected 8x8 vehicles. It is highly mobile, whether on the road or on the toughest terrain. Owing to its 710 HP-MTU turbo diesel engine, the Boxer can achieve a top speed of 103 km/h with a full combat load of 36.5 tonnes. As an option, a 38.5 tonnes combat load configuration with an 800 HP MTU engine is also available.

The latest version of the vehicle, the Boxer A2, encompasses numerous improvements in both the chassis and mission modules. The modular chassis and mission module concept assures maximum flexibility and versatility. It takes about an hour to switch mission modules. The German Bundeswehr’s inventory currently includes four different variants of the Boxer: an infantry section vehicle, a mobile command post, a heavily protected field ambulance and a driver training vehicle.

The Dutch armed forces currently field the combat engineering version of the Boxer along with the ambulance, mobile command post, cargo transport and driver training vehicles.

The Lithuanian armed forces are currently procuring four variants of the Boxer equipped with an unmanned 30mm turret in addition to driver training vehicles. Rheinmetall also offers the Boxer with its two-man Lance turret, armed with an airburst-capable 30mm MK-30/2 ABM automatic cannon. This results in a hard-hitting, versatile combat platform that combines superb survivability, mobility, situational awareness and lethality. It is spacious enough to seat eight soldiers or to stow additional subsystems such as unmanned platforms.

Equipped with a Lance turret, the Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle variant of the Boxer is one of two remaining contestants in the Australian Defence Force’s Land 400 Phase 2 procurement programme, having successfully made it through the field trials phase. Operational experience with the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan shows that the Boxer contributes significantly to the sustainment and mobility of troops on the ground. Among other factors, positive operational outcomes were decisive in convincing the Bundeswehr to buy additional Boxer vehicles.

In December 2015, it ordered a further 131 Boxer vehicles configured for an infantry section troop carrier role. At DSEI 2017 Rheinmetall is displaying the Dutch Army’s combat engineer version of the Boxer.


General Dynamics Land Systems–UK Showcases PIRANHA 5 at DSEI
(Source: General Dynamics; issued Sept 12, 2017)
LONDON --– At Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), General Dynamics Land Systems–UK and General Dynamics European Land Systems are showcasing PIRANHA 5, General Dynamics’ 8x8 platform that is a candidate for the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) Programme.

PIRANHA 5 is a highly mobile and protected platform with a payload of over 13 tonnes, providing significant growth potential throughout the life of the platform. It is modular by design and can be reconfigured quickly to accomplish a wide-range of mission objectives.

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK will demonstrate PIRANHA 5’s innovations in electronic architectures, mobility and protection. It has proven its success in competitive trials around the world, and has been selected by Denmark and Spain for the modernisation of their Armed Forces. PIRANHA 5 is currently in production for the Danish Army.

Kevin Connell, vice president of General Dynamics Land Systems–UK, said: “The PIRANHA family of vehicles are highly reliable and in active service with Armed Forces worldwide. We can deliver PIRANHA 5 vehicles quickly to the British Army to meet the planned Initial Operating Capability for the MIV programme from an existing production line, before transferring production to our Merthyr Tydfil facility in South Wales, creating significant employment right across our extensive UK supply chain. PIRANHA 5 is the best-value-for-money solution to the British Army’s MIV requirement, supporting British industry and jobs.”

General Dynamics Land Systems has a long pedigree and worldwide experience in delivering tracked and wheeled military vehicles, alongside specialist knowledge in complex, scalable electronic architectures. It delivers, amongst others, AJAX, the Abrams main battle tank, LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) and Stryker Family of Vehicles, and the Cougar Mine Resistant Ambush – Protected (MRAP).

General Dynamics United Kingdom (General Dynamics UK) has two primary lines of business: Land Systems and Mission Systems. General Dynamics UK works in partnership with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD) providing the nation’s primary land capabilities including, amongst others, Bowman, the British Armed Forces tactical communications programme, and AJAX, the replacement for the British Army’s reconnaissance vehicle fleet.


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