24th T129 ATAK Delivered
(Source: Savunma ve teknoloji; posted Sept 21, 2017)
(Issued in Turkish; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
TAI has delivered the 24th T-129 attack helicopter to the Turkish Land Forces, which has another 21 of the more advanced Phase 2 configuration on order. The T-129 is a licensed variant of the Italian army’s Agusta A-129 Mangusta. (SvT photo)
The 24th T129 ATAK helicopter, whose production and testing were completed at the Turkish Aerospace Industries facilities, has been handed over to the Land Forces.

The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries announced that the 24th unit of the T-129 ATAK Offensive and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter was delivered to the Land Forces Command. It was produced and tested at the Turkish Aerospace Industries facilities.

As of today, a total of 24 T129 ATAK Helicopters have been delivered, of which nine in the Early Duhul Helicopter (EDH) configuration and 15 in the Phase 1 configuration, intended to meet the Turkish Armed Forces' urgent needs. The Armed Forces will receive an additional 14 helicopters in Phase 1 configuration.

Systems available in T129 ATAK Phase 1 include Missile Warning System, Chaff and Flare launchers and Infrared Countermeasure System.

ATAK will be more effective with Phase 2

Another 21 T129 helicopters will be delivered in phase 2 configuration. This will include additional systems to be integrated in the helicopter phase 2 include Laser Warning Receiver, RF Mixer and Radar Warning Receiver.

In total, 35 more ATAK deliveries will be made to the Land Forces Command.

Engine and Ball to be localized

In this context, the 'National Turbo Shaft Engine Development Project' contract signed between the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries and Tusaş Motor Industry (TEI) was signed on February 7, 2017 to meet the requirement of the an engine being developed under the Original Helicopter Program.

The Turbo Shaft Engine Improvement Project (TMGP) aims to reduce the external dependency of the original Lightweight General Purpose, T129 ATAK and T70 Turkish General Purpose Helicopter Projects, which are among the most important components of the propulsion systems, and to increase the availability rates of these projects. In addition, the 500 ammunition rounds for the 20mm Gatling ball gun fitted to the TM179B turret will also be moved.

The T129B helicopter delivered was integrated with the most modern electronic warfare equipment in accordance with multi-purpose tasks. At the same time, it can carry 8 MIZRAK guided anti-tank missiles, 12 guided rockets, missiles, 2 STINGERs and 500 rounds of ammunition.

The two-seat helicopters are powered by two LHTEC CTS800-4A turboshaft engines, each rated at 1,360 shp. The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 5 tonnes, its maximum speed is 288 km/h and its range is 556km.


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