Importance of Direct Connection Between Aero and L-39 users
Importance of Direct Connection Between Aero and L-39 users
(Source: Aero Vodochody Aerospace; issued Oct 04, 2017)
In response to the recent tragic L-39 aircraft accident near Starokostiantyniv (300 km west of Kyiv, Ukraine). AERO Vodochody Aerospace would first like to express its sincere condolences on the loss of the two pilots to their families, relatives and comrades. Secondly, as the OEM of the L-39 aircraft, we would like to offer our full support during the investigation of the causes of the accident.

Despite the fact that the disaster is currently under investigation and no official causes have been determined, AERO Vodochody Aerospace, the OEM of the L-39 aircraft, wants to underline that the Ukrainian L-39 fleet does not use the authorized maintenance, repair and overhaul services of AERO, the OEM of the aircraft and the only entity authorized to perform the aforementioned services.

The increasing age of L-39 aircraft, the proper maintenance and overhaul is crucial in order to maintain flawless operation and flight safety and only AERO can ensure such level of services.

Many L-39 users are realizing the added value of the OEM for the sustainment and flight safety of their Albatros fleets and are seeking direct cooperation with AERO. This was demonstrated during the 2nd L-39 Users Group Conference in September this year, where participants from 16 countries shared their experience and discussed current issues between each other and the OEM.

Among others, the representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force were also present and showed interest in a direct cooperation with the OEM in order to increase the flight safety of their fleet.

The third year of the L-39 Users Group Conference will be held again in 2018 and we trust that the number of participants will further increase, helping us to jointly eliminate such disasters like the one in Starokostiantyniv.

We also would like to invite all current operators to participate in the L-39 Users Group event where various experiences with the aircraft are openly shared.


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